Hiring Tradesperson – Interview Questions

Hiring a Tradesperson - Interview Questions

Hiring Tradesperson – Interview Questions

Hiring Tradesperson – Interview Questions. Here are some tradesperson interview questions you should consider before hiring experienced and qualified tradespeople. Adelaide Business Directory – The Ultimate South Australian Register for Business has been created to give customers an online reference site for local businesses. Adelaide Business Directory allows referrals to be displayed which will allow customers to ask appropriate questions before you commit to anything. This can help you make sure that the work is carried out safely, affordably and on schedule. Here are some of the most important questions.

Can I see your accreditation?

Accreditation is essential to help you make sure that a tradesperson is appropriately qualified and will follow safety legislation. The type of accreditation that they need will depend on the work being carried out, but all tradespeople should carry their accreditation with them and show it to customers who ask. Avoid tradespeople who are unable to produce accreditation when you ask for it.

Have you worked on similar projects?

It’s not enough for a tradesperson to just be in the business. You should also ask how much experience they have with similar jobs.

Can you estimate how long the job will take?

Your time is valuable, and it’s important that your tradesperson understands this. It’s particularly important if you won’t be able to use parts of your home for a long period, or if your day-to-day routine is going to be affected. Before work begins, make sure that you agree on a timeframe – and a start date.

Can you give me a quote up front?

Make sure you get a quote before any work starts. It should be in writing, not just a verbal estimate. Steer clear of anyone who doesn’t want to provide a written quote up front.

What happens if there is an emergency relating to the job that requires immediate attention?

Although you probably don’t want to think about it, there’s always the chance that something will go wrong and need fixing immediately. It’s important that in any emergency relating to your project, a qualified tradesperson is able to deal with the issue as soon as possible. Hiring a tradie can be a tricky process. If you need a tradesperson for any purpose, make sure they are trustworthy, licensed and guaranteed to arrive on time, so you don’t need to worry.

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October 14, 2014