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November 28, 2016

Rob Transini Music

Rob Transini MusicVerified
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Rob Transini Music

Rob Transini Music

Have your songs and soundtracks beautifully mixed by an award-winning music producer. Are you noticing a distinct difference between your mixes and what you’re hearing on the radio and the net? Have a dedicated music professional take your mixes to the next level.

Your mixes will be balanced. The vocals sit right with the backing tracks. Get the bass to work with the drums to drive the guitars and synths.

Hear everything you recorded. Clean up murky dull-sounding instruments that obscure other sounds. Create the 3D soundstage where every sound is clean, clear and sitting in its own space.

Revitalise your mix. Put energy and presence into your vocals and drums. Fatten the bass. Bring your guitars and synths back to life.

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Location 1 Halton St Enfield SA 5085
Servicing Adelaide Metro All Locations Inner North
Mobile 0433 734 549
Telephone 08 8260 1637
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